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Treasure Chest, DVD 6 Bible Stories

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Treasure Chest, DVD 6 Bible Stories
Treasure Chest, DVD 6 Bible Stories

6 dramatized stories from the Old and New Testaments that will captivate the mind of your children with the power of God's Word. 

The children Bible stories are available in CD, DVD, and Solar Unit.

This product is great for Sunday school, home school, daycare, home and church libraries. 

 Available in English and Spanish.

When you purchase products from Spoken Word of God Ministries, your purchases help broadcast the Bible around the world in more than 20 languages.



1. Five Stones and a Sling (David) - 15 minutes

2. Little Man Up a Tree (Zacchaeus) - 14 minutes

3. The Coat of Many Colors (Jospeh) - 14 minutes

4. The Lion Who Got His Dinner (Daniel) - 22 minutes

5. Blinded On The Road to Damascus (Paul) - 16 minutes

6. Beauty and The Feast (Esther) - 13 minutes

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