Solar Bible Gift Package

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Solar Bible Gift Package

Includes a power charger and earbuds in convenient packaging. 

Paul Mims, the “first” voice of the audio Bible King James Version, reads at the rate easily retained by most people. Even the most difficult passages are clearly understood as each word is articulately pronounced by Dr. Mims.

  • The KJV Envoy Model Solar Powered Complete Bible  is our revolutionary new, digital, audio pocket-size Bible. These audio units feature easy-to-use controls that let you scroll forward or backward by book, chapter, or 10-second segment reverse or fast-forward, plus pause or bookmark.

Supplement your mission’s trips, elderly outreach, shut-in ministries, and foreign language studies.   A small, palm-sized MP3 player for listening on “the go”.

When you purchase products from Spoken Word of God Ministries, your purchases help broadcast the Bible around the world in more than 20 languages.